Geographic scope

Our product is sold with our brands "Virgen del Brezo" and "Olea", or private label, in all the Spanish provinces with the help of our distributors. Our main task is supply supermarket chains and shopping centres, either directly or through distributors or importers.

In addition to Spain, our primary market is the European Union (France, Portugal, Italy, Britain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium). The next year, our goal is to strengthen and increase sales in China and United States, and begin to work with countries in the Middle East.



Our facilities are 7.000 m2 with four lines producing, baking and packing puff pastry products. More than 3.000 m2 are dedicated to storage and loading.

La producción total anual sobrepasa los 3.000.000 de kilos.


Technical Team

We have modern facilities and machinery, adapted to attend the demands and needs of our customers. Four production lines are at our experts' disposal to obtain a quality, natural and healthy product; as we were taught to make according to the traditional way.


Manufacturing Stages

From the very first handling of the product to the packing of final product, the puff pastry is subjected to the processes of mixing, baking, cooling, packaging and storage.

There are areas perfectly delimited for each phase, as long as that rest time of the product, temperature and environmental conditions are crucial aspects for the obtaining of a fluffy and crispy puff pastry.