"We start the engine in 1957, in our hometown, Santibáñez de la Peña.
This is the location in which we developed our company project and corporate philosophy along the years."

Virgen del BrezoIntroduction

In 1957, our region, La Montaña Palentina, was hardly communicated. There were lots of small aged villages, with habits and traditional customs, including the culinary recipes. It must be remarked a religious festivity called “La Virgen del Brezo”. This name joins the old regional traditions with the flavors and recipes of such a special land as “La Montaña Palentina”.

When the company was created, we tried to reflect our origin, habits and customs in the name of the company; “Productos Virgen del Brezo” and we created our own brand “Virgen del Brezo”.

Firstly, the company started as a family bakery factory. By then, the neighbors got profit of the oven and made their own simple and natural recipes of sweet pastries, cakes and biscuits.

We took that traditional recipes and started with the production of the most popular biscuits and pastries in our area to be marketed by local distributors firstly and then Regional and national distributors and retailers. Once we started exporting, we get specialized in Puff Pastry.

Though we get distributors all along Spain, the vast majority of the production is exported to the European Union, either with our brands “Virgen del Brezo” and “Olea” or under private label.

Corporate PhilosophyMission, Vision and Values


Offer people the most healthy and tasty sweet product available at this moment.

Carry on with the work we have been commited for a long time in a modern factory.
Constant renewal of the production system in order to fulfill the needs of our customers.
Create channels of easy and fluid communication.
We want our partners to see us as a great company acting thoroughly and easely.

Promote the professional and personal improvement of our staff and search in the persons of our company initiative, creativity and commitment to our mission.

HistoryOrigins and evolution


1900 - Once century ago, started the engine of a flour factory in Santibáñez de la Peña. This was the first step of a family activity joining three generations.


1957 - We start baking bread and pastries in a new factory.

1980 - Productos Virgen del Brezo is borned and begins the expansion by selling the goods in regional markets firstly and then all along Spain.


1988 - Build up our current facilities due to the needs of the market.
The sales in Spain are increasing due to the exhausting work of our distributors in each region and province. It´s time to look for new international markets.


2000 - We get specilized in the production of sweet puff pastry, either with our two brands “Virgen del Brezo” and “Olea” or under prívate label, to attend the queries of Central Purchasing, Retailers and wholesalers around the European Union.